Recreational Insurance in colorado

Camping, hiking, and outdoor activities are quite common here in Aurora, CO, with many residents owning some sort of recreational vehicle. Since RV and other vehicles are quite a large investment, you bear the responsibility of having adequate insurance.

Typical coverage in a recreational insurance policy may include:

  • Liability -- This should be enough to cover any legal liability in your local area, and will cover damages or injuries that happen while driving.
  • Collision -- Your RV or camper may be damaged from a direct impact and this additional coverage is for the cost of repairs or replacement. Depending on your model and the market price of parts, this could easily add up to enormous savings.
  • Roadside Help -- Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is awful to think about, so this is a must-have if you plan on traveling often.
  • Comprehensive -- There more complex situations that you might find yourself in, so having comprehensive coverage will more likely handle lots of possible scenarios.

Is having recreational insurance a requirement in Aurora, CO?

At least in Colorado, it is required to have liability insurance for your recreational vehicle. There are competitive plans in the state, like from All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc, and it's recommended to get insurance well beyond the legal requirement.

Coverage with Auto Insurance

One can add on an RV or camper to normal auto insurance, although the coverage may be limited. Since every auto insurance policy isn't created equally, it's possible that you won't have enough coverage and the options will be within a quite narrow scope.

If you believe you are a match for recreational insurance, we at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc have made available an online rating tool that'll give you a quote. With any other questions regarding this type of insurance, you may contact us directly.