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The Beginner’s Guide to RV Insurance

A recreational vehicle (RV) is a great way to travel around the country with friends and family. In a state like Colorado, so much of the beautiful landscape and views have to be experienced from hikes, campsites, and other outdoor locations. Having an RV is the perfect way to experience all that Colorado has to offer in the most natural way.

There’s a lot to know about owning an RV in Aurora, CO, and we’re here to break down the basics. 

Similar to the way you have insurance policies for your home and cars, an RV should be adequately covered under its own insurance policy. Doing so protects you from any potential accident or damage to the vehicle. It also protects the financial investment you’ve made in purchasing a vehicle.

In Colorado, liability insurance is required for an RV. This typically covers damages or injuries that occur while driving.

You can also expect to have collision and roadside coverage when purchasing an RV insurance policy. The team at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. encourages all RV owners to shop around and determine what coverage really matters to them. Everyone uses their RV differently, so you will want to ensure that whatever policy you select is in line with the usage you intend to have. 

If you are unsure about what policy is the right choice, or if you are curious about using auto insurance to cover your RV, contact the experts at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. Operating out of Aurora, CO, our team has vast knowledge and experience with RV insurance and can help you select the right policy to match your needs. 

Is it necessary to have motorcycle insurance in Aurora?

Those that are in the Aurora, CO area will want to ensure that they have an efficient way to get around the area and enjoy all that it has to offer should look into purchasing a motorcycle. For most of the year, owning a motorcycle is a practical mode of transportation and can provide a lot of fun. If you do purchase a motorcycle in this area, you also need to have motorcycle insurance. This coverage should be considered necessary for a few reasons. 

Protection Needed to Protect Asset

A reason that you should consider motorcycle insurance a necessity is because it is needed to protect your asset. Your motorcycle is a major asset and investment that you will want to pay off for a long time. A great way that you can ensure this happens is by getting a motorcycle insurance plan with collision and comprehensive coverage, which provides protection against many risks. 

Legal Obligation

You should also have motorcycle insurance because it can be a legal obligation. If you intend to drive your motorcycle on a public road in Colorado, you will need to carry liability insurance. If you don’t maintain this type of motorcycle insurance coverage, you will be in violation of the law and can face various forms of penalty. 

A proper motorcycle insurance plan in the Aurora, CO area should be considered a necessity for any motorcycle owner. As you are assessing your needs and options, calling the team with All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc can be a great option. There are a lot of choices to make when looking for coverage and All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc can help to make it easier for you. The team will offer a variety of services that can help you choose a plan and ensure you are properly covered. 

Do You Need Insurance for River Boats?

At All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc, we have many Aurora, CO residents ask us if they need insurance for their riverboats. Here’s what you need to know about this question.

You Don’t Technically Need Insurance

Colorado law currently doesn’t require boat owners to have any sort of coverage on their vehicles. This lack of coverage need extends not just to typical lake boats but riverboats as well. These specialized vehicles allow boaters to quickly move down the river and see different areas with ease.

Some of these boats may have unique designs that help them stay above shallow boating areas, such as a design that lets them stay as close to the surface of the water as possible. But, often, they are pretty pricey – meaning that you may still want to have some protection for them anyway.

Why You Should Still Get a Policy

Even though you don’t technically need an insurance policy for your riverboat, just think about what would happen to you financially if you didn’t have it. A good approach of this type will help to:

  • Protect against damage caused by river rocks
  • Cover liability costs if people get injured as you ride
  • Pay for replacements to your boat if it gets destroyed
  • Protect against fire, flood, and other problems

These benefits make boat insurance a wise choice for river boaters. It is brilliant for those who take people down the many whitewater rapids throughout the state. There’s no reason why you need to put your boat at more risk by not getting one of these insurance policies.

How We Can Help

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc if you want boat insurance. We help Aurora, CO residents and many others get the coverage that they need.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Do you have a lot of assets? If so, then it might be time to start thinking about umbrella insurance coverage. Umbrella insurance is designed to protect your personal and business assets in the event that you are sued for negligence or gross negligence. There are many things you need to think about when buying umbrella insurance coverage. For example, how much Umbrella insurance coverage do I need?

All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. in Aurora, CO can help you determine what your needs are and how much coverage you should get.

But first,

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

An umbrella insurance policy covers the excess liability that falls outside the scope of your auto, home, and worker’s compensation policies. For instance, if you are an employer with employees, any lawsuit could result in a much higher award than would be covered by simple workers’ comp policy.

Umbrella insurance is typically supplemental insurance that provides for some unforeseen circumstances, and it is usually at an additional cost – but worth every penny if needed.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is for those with a lot on the line who need plenty of protection against accidents and injuries suffered by themselves or others. You need it if you’re in high-risk fields, like law or medicine; have high-value assets to protect; or are worried about the cost of potential lawsuits.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

The amount is mostly influenced by the type of work and risk level. This is a difficult concept to define, but here are some examples:

Construction workers will need more than warehouse laborers because there’s always a risk for injury or loss on-site due to objects being dropped from high heights and other hazards requiring additional safety precautions.

Doctors often require more than lawyers because there’s always a potential for something catastrophic happening during their shift (i.e., surgery) which could lead to lawsuits with expensive consequences.

Get Umbrella Insurance in Aurora, CO Today

You don’t want to find out how much you need it after something has happened. Make sure your business is protected with an Umbrella insurance policy from All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. Contact us today and we’ll help you determine what kind of protection you might require now or in future years as your business grows.

Three Types of Protection From Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is a must for anyone who owns a condo. It provides three different types of protection to condo owners. If you have a condo, call us at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc in Aurora, CO to find out more about getting your condo insured. 

Possession Protection

One of the main coverage types that condo insurance gives you is protection if your possessions are destroyed or damaged. This coverage can help you to replace items that are lost in a disaster or calamity. With this protection, you won’t have to start over from scratch if the worst should happen to your belongings. It’s an important type of coverage to allow you to get back to normal life after a terrible incident. 

Liability Protection

What happens if you have a guest in your condo and that guest gets sick or becomes injured? Generally, the liability will be for you. You will have to pay the medical bills and/or damaged property costs if you are judged to be at fault for the incident. With condo insurance, you have a set amount of liability coverage. If an accident happens, the insurance will pay up to its maximum to not get sued for the bills. 

Home Protection

If your condo were to be extremely damaged or destroyed, you would not be able to live in it, at least for a while. So, what do you do? If you have condo insurance, the policy will pay for you to move somewhere that is habitable for the duration. It can even pay for some of your expenses as you move. 

Get Condo Protection

If you don’t have your home covered by condo insurance yet, give us a call at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc in Aurora, CO. Your home and your possessions should be covered to protect your standard of living. 

Tips for buying auto insurance for teen drivers

Kids grow up fast. They turn 16, and next, they will learn how to drive, and soon they will be driving on Aurora, CO roads. Have you thought about insurance? How much and how can you save when purchasing it?  Well, All-star Insurance Brokers Inc. has all that figured out for you. Here are a few tips you can utilize to get the most out of auto insurance for your teen.

Sign your teen up for a safe driving class

Auto insurance for teens is pretty expensive. It’s almost impossible to tell whether they’re going to be good drivers since it’s their first time driving. Insurance companies, therefore, raise their premiums until they’re older and more responsible. To prove that your teen is a great driver, you can invest in enrolling them in safe driving schools to improve their driving skills. Most companies can reduce premiums with every completed class.

Talk to your teen about insurance.

It’s also essential to talk to your child about the dangers of reckless driving. Let them know that they’re responsible for their behavior and might be punished heavily for their actions. Careless driving could lead to license revocation and even jail time.

Get a safe used car

The more expensive the car, the higher the premiums—double that if you’re insuring a teen. If the car is expensive, spare parts and maintenance are equally expensive. Your auto insurance company will consider all this, including the possibility of accidents as your teen learns to drive. Consider getting them a standard vehicle until they have enough experience driving.

Add them to your policy.

If purchasing separate auto insurance is not an option for you, you can add your teen to your own auto insurance policy. Of course, your premiums will go up, but it’s more affordable than buying a whole new auto insurance policy.

Need more information on how to keep your teen safe on Aurora, CO roads? All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. can help you and your teenager find a policy that matches your needs. We care about you and what matters to you. Call us to learn more.

Business Owners and Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you’re going to find yourself wearing many different hats. The list of responsibilities and duties which you must perform each week can sometimes feel overwhelming. At All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc., serving Aurora, CO, we want to help take off some of that stress. One of the biggest responsibilities felt by business owners is the stress of knowing it is up to you to protect your business from disaster or financial hardship. We are here to help with that. A solid commercial insurance policy can relieve this stress and strengthen your company. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a type of bundled insurance policy that can help business owners rest easy. This type of insurance product will have everything you need to make sure your money and time investments are well protected in your business. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Although a knowledgeable insurance representative will customize a policy that suits your particular needs, there are a few general areas of coverage included in most commercial policies.

  • Property damage– Property damage insurance will assist if there is damage to your property or equipment because of fire, natural disaster, or burglary. The policy will help to pay for the repair or replacement of these things. 
  • Auto coverage– You must provide automobile insurance for any vehicles you use in your business’s operation. A commercial policy can cover this. 
  • Liability– Liability is a vital type of insurance coverage. If an employee or a customer is injured at your business or because of your goods and services, you and your company could be held responsible for any medical bills or legal fees which resulted. Expenses of this magnitude can leave a business owner financially vulnerable. A solid liability policy can protect you from this. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc., serving Aurora, CO. 


Coverage Types in Home Insurance

Coverage Types in Home Insurance

Few people kick back with a hot cup of coffee to read their homeowners’ policy, so you might not know why your bank requires you to carry it while you pay off your mortgage on your Aurora, CO home. Your home provides you with four handy types of coverage – liability, named perils, property damage, and contents coverage. All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. wants you to understand this important policy and the insurance components to which you can add to it.

The liability component means if someone gets hurt on your property, their medical bills are covered. If they take you to court, you won’t have to pay out of pocket to pay a settlement.

The named perils component pays you for repairs to your home or its replacement if a named peril strikes. A named-peril means a natural hazard such as a tornado, hail, or lightning strike.

Property damage coverage reimburses you for repairs to your property from other types of damage. Let’s say your teen accidentally drives into the garage door. The door gets obliterated. Your garage door receives the same awesome coverage as your roof. You get a new garage door, and your home insurance pays for it.

The contents coverage component protects your personal belongings inside your home. If snowpack and ice weight cause your roof to give way, the items inside receive protection. Your snow-covered TV, bedding, stereo, etc., get replaced, paid for by this coverage of your homeowners’ insurance policy.

You can add to the coverage in the standard home policy. You can increase your liability coverage, add jewelry coverage, cover a home business, etc. Call All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc., serving Aurora, CO, to obtain or expand your coverage today.

Who should get recreational insurance in Colorado?

Those that are in the Aurora, CO area will find that there are many recreational options available to them. To ensure that you can enjoy your experience in this area of the state, getting your own recreational vehicle can be a good option. Those that are going to purchase one of these assets should also consider their insurance needs. There continue to be many situations when having additional recreational insurance is a good option.

Those Wanting to Protect Asset Need Insurance

If you are going to buy a recreational vehicle, you will be making an investment that you will want to have paid off for years to come. One of the best ways that you can make this happen is by getting a recreational insurance policy. With one of these policies, you will know that you are covered if the vehicle is stolen or damaged.

Those that Want Liability Protection Should Get Coverage

It would be best to get a recreational insurance policy when you want to get liability coverage. There is always going to be some risk associated with operating these vehicles. If you make a mistake that leads to damages, you will have to pay to cover them. Fortunately, with a recreational insurance plan, you will have the coverage needed to offset this risk. 

If you are going to buy a recreational vehicle and are in the Aurora, CO area, you will want to know that you have proper insurance at all times. One company that can help you better understand your insurance needs and choose a policy is All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc. When you work with All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc, you will get the guidance needed to understand your needs and options while also picking a quality policy. 

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

At All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc in Aurora, CO, our agents understand the importance of renters insurance, but the question is, do you? While renters’ insurance is not required under Colorado’s laws, it may be required by your landlord or property management company, but even if it is not, having a policy in place is a great idea.

Renters’ Insurance Coverage

If the house, apartment, or other types of residence you rent happens to catch on fire, is vandalized, or is destroyed or damaged by a natural disaster, the structure itself will be covered under your landlord’s insurance. Still, it will not cover your personal property. This includes your clothing, appliances that you purchased, furniture, and other items that belong to you. In other words, you can lose everything you own and have to start over from scratch. A renters insurance policy will help you replace all of those items, so you do not have to shoulder the entire cost. Renters’ insurance will also cover any of your belongings that are stolen if your home is burglarized.

Get Your Policy Started

Renters’ insurance policies are very inexpensive, but the coverage you receive, not to mention the peace of mind, is important to your future and sanity. If a disaster occurs, you want to be prepared so that you can continue to move forward in your life.

To create the best insurance policy for you and your situation, you will want to enlist an experienced renters’ insurance agent’s assistance. At All-Star Insurance Brokers Inc in Aurora, CO, our agents are prepared to provide you with a quote and get your policy started today! Please call for an appointment.